Lance Archer

If people would like to contact you, how would you like to be contacted? (Email, Webpage)

What type of tools or media do you use?

I use various mediums ranging from pencil to paint to polymer clay.

Where is the place you would like to work or be an Intern if you had a choice?

Being that I enjoy movies, the kind designed for kids both young and old,I would love if I could to intern at Dreamworks, Aardman studios or Pixar.

Who do you think are the top character designers out there?

Brian Froud's character designs for Jim Henson's movie The Dark Crystal are amazing. The way he captured the melancholy spirit of the old Mystics and the decaying desperation of the evil Skeksis was awesome. Offset against the childlike innocence of the Gelflings Brian managed to create a truly unique world which puts him for me at the top of the pack.

What are some of your favorite character designs which you have seen?


What is your most favorite subject to draw? And why?

My favourite subject to draw is the human figure as there is an infinite supply 
of different sizes, shapes and spirits to be found and captured.
Then with having tried to translate them onto the page I am always left feeling
that I have learned truly invaluable lessons which utilize and focus my talent
and perspective, also figure studies constantly remind me of how much I still
have to learn.

What inspired you to become an Artist?

At first I thought my response to seeing a beautiful work of art was akin to
a birth defect; the sense of amazement and awe seeing them inspired was
gobsmacking, the fascination I felt as I studied the detail and the technique.
I immediately knew that this profession was the only one worth pursuing.
The pleasure of the process, from conceptualization to the final result is
totally encompassing. Unlike a lot of other careers where once a formula is
learned it can be applied over and over ad nauseam, with each new project I
undertake I continually have to return to the basics and reinvent myself.
This is what inspired me to become an artist and continues to inspire me daily.
Besides that I just like getting dirty.

What are some of your favorite website links that would be relevant to this Blog?




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