Wyatt Stevens Miles

If people would like to contact you, how would you like to be contacted?

What type of tools or media do you use?

The tools I use most often are Macromedia Flash and a Wacom Intuos 2 Tablet. I also use Adobe's Illustrator, Streamline, and Photoshop (of course). Painter is another great tool that I use occasionally.

Where is the place you would like to work or be an Intern if you had a choice?

I would love to work on a Flash television cartoon series some day. Preferably, one that I thought was very well animated, like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Wherever that would happen to take me is fairly insigificant.

Who do you think are the top character designers out there?

Two of my favorite artists are Ben Caldwell and Jason Strong. I tend to prefer the highly stylized characters that lend themselves well to 2-D animation.

What are some of your favorite character designs which you have seen?

I really enjoyed Peter De'Seve's characters in "Ice Age." His shapes and curves in his designs are very appealing to me.

What is your most favorite subject to draw? And why?

My favorite thing to draw is whatever is most challenging to me at the time. I don't consider myself a natually gifted artist. If I ever come up with anything good, it's either a sheer stroke of luck, or the result of a great amount of struggle.

What inspired you to become an Artist?

I love cartoons and have always wanted to know how to draw. I have gotten significantly better over the years, but am not anywhere near where I would like to be. Surrounding myself with the work of exceptional work helps keep me inspired.

What are some of your favorite website links that would be relevant to this Blog?

Some of Ben Caldwell's work is at


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